What Does The Email Extractor Do?

The email extractor is a unique online tool for creating new leads. Your business is always in search of leads, but those leads are hard to come by organically. You must use a tool that will search for leads on your behalf while you manage your business. This online email extractor finds the leads that most closely match the needs of your business.

#1: How It Searches For Your Leads

The email extractor software searches for leads based on the keywords you provide to the system. This software searches the places you choose, and it returns with leads that match your criteria. This software is not generic in any way. You customize it to look for leads that you can convert most easily, and it returns leads every day because of new searches.

#2: The Parameters of Your Search

You must establish parameters for the email extractor online to work properly. Your parameters include keywords that are associated with your business, your location and products your business sells. The program uses these parameters to do its searches. You must go over these results after receiving them, but they are targeted at the things that you value most in your marketing scheme.

#3: Where It Searches For Your Leads

The email extractor free software uses search engines to find most of your leads. Recent activity is searched on these engines to find users who have searched for things that relate to your business. The search engines are constantly updated, and you can run the extractor program all day if you want many more leads to come in. You may ask the program to search your email directory for possible leads for certain products, and you can use the program to search an email directory you have just purchased. You are not limited in your searching capacity, but you must review the results after they come back to you.

#4: How Fast Is It?

The best email extractor can return results in a matter of seconds. Every new search you make will create a list of leads based on your changing criteria. You may change the parameters of the searches at any time to get different leads. This technique is often used to find leads for different products and services. A customer may be a prime candidate for one service but not another. You may search as often as you like to find the leads that will be easiest to convert. Each list is stored separately in the program, and you may review these lists at your leisure. The email extractor is a program that creates leads without any initial effort. You must use your efforts to review the results you get from the program, and you must convert these leads on your own. The extractor does not compose emails or sell products, but it finds the people who are most likely to buy your products or services based on their recent search and email history.

Here is a cost effective method to find targeted customers who are specifically looking for your products & services in the internet. The advantage of this software is, for a one time fee of $49, you can use it forever to mine leads. Just give a keyword related to your prospect customers, For eg: "Hotels in California", and the software will extract the contact details (Email id, Mobile Number , Fax number, Website URL etc) of all people in internet related to that keyword. Extracted leads can be used for email marketing , telemarketing or bulk sms marketing.

Boxxer Email/Phone/Fax Extractor is the best lead generator designed to extract email addresses, Phone/FAX numbers, from various sources like search engines, websites etc. For eg: if you give "Hotels in california" as keyword, it will extract phone numbers & email ids of all hotels in california. Also Extract leads from Website owners directory (Who-is registry) based on given keyword. ie the contact information of registrant owners of those domain names which matches your keyword.

It can also extract from Local files in your hard disk, All inside pages of entire websites like www.xyz.com, databases like MSSQL, MySql, MS Access and from your address list from MS Outlook/Outlook express or any POP3 email accounts like yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc. After extraction you can send bulk emails and bulk sms using the Addon email marketing & bulk sms software provided along with this. Boxxer is the best email extractor software which also validates the extracted email addresses and removes invalid/dead emails using the built-in email verifier component.

Boxxer online email extractor is a great tool for creating your prospect customers contact list. It acts like an email spider which crawls through the pages and add thousands of e-mail addresses & mobile numbers to your contact list within few minutes. Speed Approx 12000 emails/mobile numbers per hour. Boxxer email extractor online is rated as #1 email harvester software of the year 2013 by softpedia. There are over 600 downloads per day for this email hunter tool, Download your free copy today.

Comparison with Other Email Extractors

Unlike other mail extractor software, Boxxer Email Extractor is multithreaded, PRO Version extracts 12000 emails per hour, easy in usage, and feature-rich.

» Built-in email verifier component will remove invalid email ids from the list after extraction.
» Option to correct the format of extracted mobile numbers is also there for you to load the mobile numbers in any bulk sms software.

How to send bulk emails

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Business And Consumer Email Lists

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